• step 1

    Create a new profile and fill in the accurate details of the prospective Male or Female seeking an alliance. Fill in the characteristics/attribute section in detail. Please remember that the more accurate the attributes, higher the chances of connecting to a similar profile.

  • step 2

    After the verification of the Jesus Youth status, (Please note that CATHOLICSPOUSE only verifies the commitment and formation status of the person in the Jesus Youth movement. The interested parties will be responsible for verifying all other details submitted by profile owners) A very basic version of your profile with no identification clues will be showcased in the public database of You too will gain access to several likeminded profiles in

  • step 3

    You can Express your interest by liking other profiles in the database, just as other profile owners can Express their interest by liking your profile.

  • step 4

    If you reciprocate the interest of another profile by liking it back, or vice versa, an email containing all the details about the respective profiles will be sent to the registered emails of both parties and to their parents.

  • step 5

    Once CATHOLICSPOUSE shares the profile details by email, the profile owners are responsible for directly contacting each other and taking the alliance forward, based on their discernment and judgement.

  • Note: Catholicspouse is not responsible for the details, information or views of the registrants in the database. Catholicspouse only verifies the commitment and formation status of the person within the Jesus Youth movement.