Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register my profile on the CatholicSpouse website?

As soon as you open the website at, you will be directed to the Home Page. There is a “Register Now” button as you scroll down the home page. (A video explaining the registration process is also available on the Home page). Once you click on “Register Now”, you will be taken to the Registration Page. The registration process progresses systemically with each section capturing your information, starting with your basic details, name, age, contact details, etc., and moving to more information about your interests, lifestyle, family, education, employment, etc. After each set of information has been entered, you will be prompted to move to the next section.

Once all the sections in registration have been completed, you will receive an email in the email address that you have provided during registration. The email will ask you to verify your email address through a link provided in the email. Once you click on the verification link, you will be taken to the Home page again, where you can login using the email address and password you have provided during registration. It should be noted that we verify only the information you have submitted about your involvement in Jesus Youth. We are not responsible for any other information that is submitted. The verification process will take a maximum of 24 hours from the submission of your profile and you will receive an email confirming the verification. Your Home page will then show your status as “Verified” and your profile will now be visible to potential matches.

After logging in, you will have to update your profile using the “View/update profile” link on the top-right dropdown near your name. You will see “Verification Pending” under your name.

When you enter the Update profile page, most of the information entered during registration will be presented to you again and some additional information will be requested. The updating of the profile is also done section by section, where you will be prompted to the next section only after all the mandatory information has been submitted.

2. I have registered and my profile is now verified. How can I see potential matches?

Login to the home page and enter your search criteria. You will then see summary profiles of persons that match your search criteria.

3. I can see a lot of profiles based on my search criteria. But I want to be very specific in my search.

Once you submit your search criteria on the home page you will get a wide range of profiles. Just above the shown profiles, you will find a “Search Filter”, which you can use to filter your profiles based on specific criteria.

4. I can see a number of recommended profiles on my home page. How did it happen?

The system shortlists a few profiles that match your lifestyle, interests and preferences. These are only indicators to find out people who have a similar way of life as you. You will have to use the search option to find more profiles.

5. My profile is not visible to potential matches. What is the reason?

Only verified profiles are visible to potential matches. If your profile is not visible, it means that your profile has not been verified.

6. How much time does it take for my profile to be verified?

Typically, verification of a profile takes up to 24 hours. In case any of the information submitted is incorrect, vague or false, the verification process may take longer. The verification of a profile is limited to the information regarding Jesus Youth involvement only. If the information regarding Jesus Youth involvement is false or misleading, reserves the right to reject the profile.

7. I saw a potential match and I have sent an expression of interest. But I have not received any response. Why?

Sending an expression of interest is only one part of your communication. It is the choice of the other party to respond to it or not. If you have not received a response, it could mean that they are not interested in your profile.

8. I have received a response to my expression of interest. How can I take it forward?

You and your parent/guardian will receive a communication with the details of your interested person. You and your family can go through all the details and if you are interested, you can contact them through email/phone.

9. Is posting a photo mandatory for completion of profile?

It is not mandatory – but it will surely help people to show interest in your profile. The chances of someone liking your profile without a photo will be less.

10. I saw a potential match. But before I send my expression of interest, I would like to know more details about that person. How can I do that?

You will be able to get the full details only if that person reciprocates your interest.

11. I have sent an expression of interest. But now I would like to retract the expression of interest. How can I do that?

You won’t be able to retract it since the notification would have already been received by the other person.